Not all dental services are routine and scheduled. We understand dental emergencies happen and that when they do they can be very painful. This is why we make every effort to see you on short notice, usually the same day, for your dental emergencies so that we can have you back smiling as soon as possible. 


Fixing a chipped tooth in a timely manner is important for many reasons. A chipped tooth is more susceptible to cracking and breaking because the chip weakens the tooth. On top of this, a chipped tooth can leave you self conscious of your smile. That's why we make every effort to see you on the same day and can usually have the chip restored within an hour.


A crown may need to be replaced if it has broken, chipped, if tooth decay has developed underneath the crown or for cosmetic reasons. 


An abscessed tooth is where the nerve in the tooth has become irreversibly damaged. We strive to see you the same day to address the problem and relieve your pain.